Transforming The Lives of Juvenile Offenders by Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

​​​​Forgotten Youth Ministries

What makes The TRUTH such a success? These Bible studies have several components necessary to be used in all these facilities, with children, youth, and adults. They are:

  • The TRUTH has utilized over 14 years of research and development that makes this discipleship program powerful, effective, and life-changing for the participants.
  • The TRUTH studies are written to address the most important issues that urban youth and adults encounter on a daily basis. The subjects studied were chosen to educate and inform on these key issues and to refute what is taught on the streets.
  • The TRUTH studies are written at approximately 3rd grade reading level. Tests show that this is the average reading level of a teenage youth in detention, as well as many adults in jails and prisons and for some in which English is their second language.
  • The incorrect answers in the TRUTH studies are chosen to show the contradiction in what is taught on the streets as opposed to what God's Word says.
  • The TRUTH: Are You Going to Heaven? uses the example of a courtroom, a judge and a person stepping in to take the criminal's sentence of the death penalty. Very relatable!
  • The TRUTH studies are non-denominational.
  • The TRUTH can be used one-on-one or in a small group setting.
  • The TRUTH can be completed in a group setting or given as "homework". The studies are self-explanatory, but also leave room for discussion.
  • The TRUTH studies were written to be able to be used with many different Bible translations.
  • The TRUTH uses a combination of fill in the blank, true or false, multiple choice, or mark the correct box questions that keep them interesting.
  • The TRUTH includes simple graphics to illustrate the topic being taught. The graphics are not gender, age, or racially specific.

The TRUTH Bible Studies were written after years of working with teens in detention. It wasn't long before they were finding their way into jails and prisons in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. The studies then began to be used with new Christians, youth groups, and teens in substance abuse programs. The TRUTH Bible Studies are also being used in Costa Rica with the youth and in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uganda and other parts of Africa with teens in youth programs, orphanages, and a Children's hospital along with adults in African jails and for Bible studies in the villages.

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” John 8:32