Transforming The Lives of Juvenile Offenders by Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

​​​​Forgotten Youth Ministries

Ken Bady has been a member of the Forgotten Youth Ministries Board of Directors since 2012 and has also served as a FYM volunteer since 2003. Ken has helped in various capacities throughout the years. He has provided spiritual guidance and encouragement by writing, recording, and performing Christian rap music. Ken performs his rap music live during The GATHER Program in the gym at the juvenile center. He has given the right to FYM to copy his Christian rap CD’s and FYM has distributed hundreds of them to the detained youth. Ken also serves as a member of the Juvenile Center Worship Team, providing praise and worship music for the church services in the detention center. Ken is also a part of the leadership team at his home church, The Connexion, where he serves as an assistant with The Edge Youth Ministries. 

Board of Directors

Jean Olivares is the Secretary/Treasurer of FYM and has been a board member since 2006. She is a licensed chaplain with the IFOC and is employed by the local school districts as a substitute teacher. Jean has a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and is the coordinator for the Clothed with Love Ministry at Saginaw First Assembly of God. Jean is an active volunteer in various capacities in the community. 

Pastor Brenda Nolish has served on the FYM Board of Directors since 2010. Brenda is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work. Brenda worked for the Saginaw County Juvenile Center as a probation officer from 1985 until she retired in 2009. She is currently the Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach and as well as one of the youth pastors at Saginaw Valley Community Church. Brenda has been a missionary since 2003, traveling to foreign countries throughout the world including Africa, Guatemala, and the Arctic.