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Many people prefer the NIV but when asked to read verses from the NIV, it was found that detained kids could not do so. Even when they were given help reading they could not explain what the verse meant or even offer an idea of what they thought it might mean.

After researching the available 3rd grade level versions of the Bible, FYM chose the NIrV for several reasons. It was quite accurate for a children’s Bible, the residents could read it, it was offered in a hardcover version with a plain colored cover (since out of print), and it was affordable.

NIV7th - 8th
HCSB7th - 8th
Message4th - 5th

  • Many teens and adults in correctional facilities lack proficient reading skills, usually reading and comprehending at approximately 3rd grade level. Because this is the case, it is very desirable to supply Bibles that are written for children.
  • The Bible should not have a child-like cover.
  • It is very helpful if the Bible will lay flat and stay open. This makes it much more convenient to complete Bible study materials.
  • Keep in mind the number of Bibles you will need and make sure the one you choose comes at a price that’s within your budget.

The following table should help you in choosing a suitable translation:

As you choose a translation of the Bible to use in a correctional facility, it is helpful to keep the following in mind:


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