Transforming The Lives of Juvenile Offenders by Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

​​​​Forgotten Youth Ministries


God's call on Julie Paul's life.

This was no easy task and the only way it would ever be accomplished was by proving it to them through the Word of God. Surprisingly, at least to me, the kids who came to talk to the FYM volunteers believed that what the Bible said was true. They just didn’t know what the Bible said!

But, for some reason, when I left them to read on their own throughout the week, they most often turned to the book of Revelation. Not the greatest starting point for the new teenage convert! I recommended the book of John. They read Revelation. I recommended any book but Revelation. They read Revelation. That’s when
The TRUTH Bible Studies were conceived. It would be 14 years later before I was satisfied with the finished curriculum. “A little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you ask?” “Attention to detail,” I say. By this time The TRUTH would have gone into jails and prisons in upper and lower Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and in Costa Rica, Uganda, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

Today, I still have a burning passion to reach out to juveniles in detention with the love of Jesus. I also want to be a resource and provide resource materials to those who are doing the same all over the globe. (Or is ministering to anyone who could benefit from our materials.)

What has been accomplished through FYM is because of the love, grace, and mercy of God. My formula for success – not success that wins the accolades of men, but success that is realized when God’s will is accomplished – I pray and obey.

 “I want you to take the message of My life into the juvenile center,” God. This is how He called me to ministry in 1998. These carefully chosen words were the beginning of Forgotten Youth Ministries. I didn’t realize how important they were until much later after I had talked one-on-one with the teens in the detention center. Story after story taught me that more than anything else, the kids locked inside the walls of the detention center needed to be told that God loved them. And, being told wasn’t enough, they needed to really believe it.